Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You Can Now Add The Title "Award Winning Photographer" To My Name, In Fact, I Insist

Normally, I don't care to enter photography contests, I mean, after all, who is to say whose art is better than someone elses? It's all subjective. It's the same reason I refuse to consider figure skating, gymnastics, synchronized swimming or cheer leading as competitive sports. The judging is subjective. Not my style. However, at the behest of my former First Sergeant, I submitted several photos into the 2015 US Army Commanders Cup Photography Contest. The former First Sergeant really wanted our unit to win the Cup in a bad way, so for this reason and this reason only, I entered the photography competition. Placing in this event would secure additional points that are added to the total score for our unit, which is in competition against other units. But I digress, back to the competition. I submitted one photo in each of seven categories and here's how I placed...

1st Place - Category: Nature and Landscape 
"Songdo at Night"

2nd Place Category: Animals 

3rd Place - Category: People 
"Boy on the Street"

3rd Place - Category: Military Life 
"Salute in the Rain"

3rd Place - Category: Design Elements 
"Ceiling, Lotte Mall"

Honorable Mention - Category: Monochrome 
"Korean - American Alliance Memorial"

Honorable Mention - Category: Still Life 
"Colorful Threads"

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