Monday, December 28, 2015

Retail Prices for Sony in South Korea

When I first found out I was coming to South Korea, I just assumed that prices for electronics and cameras would be lower than in the West, since after all, the stuff is manufactured over here. Well, that opinion turned out to be entirely wrong, at least as far as retail prices are concerned.

There are several camera shopping districts at which you can sometimes find good bargains for used items (Chungmuro, Yongsan, Namdaemun and Gangbyeon), there's also a little wiggle room for haggling if you find a game seller, but retail prices are a different story. Across the board, retail prices are about the same as you would find in the West. As an example, I was walking through the Lotte Hi Mart, which is the electronics specialty store wing of the well known Korean retailer, Lotte Mart and happened upon their Sony selections. Below you can see some of their posted retail prices...

And for the one turd on the Sony RX100 Facebook group who commented that I didn't mention the Sony RX100 at least once in this post, here you go.

The Sony A7RII is listed for $200 less than the current asking price at B and H Photo, so that's a good deal I guess.

Sony A7RII retail price $2,992.27 USD and Sony Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8 - $940.70 USD

Sony A7 with kit lens 28-70mm - $1744.75 USD which is $400 more than the current asking price at B and H Photo.

I cut off the sale price of the Sony A6000 but I think they were asking around $650 USD and the retail price was $597.77 USD for the Sony PZ 18-105mm G lens.

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