Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Another Camera Heads to the Shop

One of the pitfalls of buying vintage cameras on eBay is the likelihood that, although the listing states the camera is in working condition, a measurable percentage of the time, the camera is NOT in working condition. Of course, eBay offers buyer protection and I also have the option of sending the item back and requesting a refund. However, my camera repair guy here in Seoul is SO good, and SO affordable, that I usually just take the cameras to him for repair.

There's no way of knowing whether or not a particular camera is in good working order or not unless I put a roll of film through it. This Olympus 35 RD caught my eye on eBay recently, the price was right and I seemed to have grown quite fond of range finder film cameras. However, as you can see by the sample images from my first roll of film, it has a few issues. Looks like a light leak and bad exposure meter for starters. The light leaks are easy enough to fix, but this camera being a camera that uses auto exposure, the meter needs to be working. I have no idea if these are the issues, I'm not a repair expert, but my guy in Seoul IS an expert. I'll be stopping by to see him today and leave this baby with him knowing full well that I'll get it back as if it had just come off the assembly line.

Olympus 35 RD

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