Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Latest Additions - Vintage Cameras

By definition, I do not have an addiction to collecting cameras, because an addiction implies that there are negative consequences to my habit, however, at this time, I only suffer from moments of pure bliss and joy whenever I make new additions to my growing vintage camera collection. Believe it or not, most of these vintage cameras are relatively low priced, and therefore, not causing me to go hungry, homeless or turn to a life of crime to feed my addiction.

That good news aside, let's take a look at my most recent acquisitions. Scroll down for sample photos from each camera.

Here we have a Mamiya C330 TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) medium format camera with view prism and waist level view finder. This awesome camera produces a 6x6 negative which results in extremely sharp, high resolution images. This is one of the only TLR cameras that has interchangeable lenses. 

I definitely have a soft spot for rangefinder film cameras. This Yashica Electro 35 comes is highly regarded and was considered one of the finest entry level rangefinders of its day. The lens is a fine Yashinon 45mm f/1.7. This camera features an Aperture priority mode whereby the user sets the desired aperture and the camera will automatically set the correct shutter speed. Cool!

The Mamiya brand is reknown for their medium format cameras with the Mamiya 7 being perhaps one of the finest ever made. But at one time they also made some great 35mm cameras as well, the Mamiya ZE-2 and Mamiya ZM are two fine examples with the Mamiya ZM being the last 35mm camera that the company made before shifting their focus entirely to medium format.

The Konica Auto S3 is another aperture priority auto 35mm rangefinder which comes with an outstanding, fixed 38mm f/1.8 Konica Hexanon lens. I have been wanting a Konica film camera for sometime and this rangefinder enjoys a fabulous reputation as one of the best cameras and lenses of its day. The lens alone makes this camera well worth it.

And finally, another rangefinder, the Olympus 35RD. This is a bit of a rare camera to find. Not sure why. This camera features a shutter priority with auto aperture. Basically, the flipside of the other two rangefinders mentioned in this post. The user sets the desired shutter speed and the camera selects the correct aperture, however, you can also shoot in full manual which I will probably do because I prefer to select my own aperture (depth of field).

Konica Auto S3 sample image

Mamiya C330 sample image

Olympus 35RD sample image

Yashica Electro 35 sample image

Mamiya ZE-2 sample image

Mamiya ZM sample image

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