Thursday, April 21, 2016

Brightener Isn't a Band, He is the Best Band

PALM DESERT, CA. (April 21, 2016) - Let me tell you about a local band that my buddy Matt took me to go see last night (Wednesday) in Palm Desert, CA. They were so good, I had no choice but to take the time, while on vacation, to TELL THE WORLD about Brightener. Well, at least every one who might happen to read this blog post eh? But if they tell their friends about Brightener and they tell friends, then yes, soon, the entire planet will know about this guy that calls himself Brightener.
The simple way to describe his music to you is to simply say, his songs were too big for the quaint, local venue he was playing. I LOVED discovering him this way. It reminds me of the time I saw Pearl Jam at a dive bar in Tijuana called “Iguana’s”. I make the comparison because the first time I saw Pearl Jam play live was before they broke out, it was the break out year, before the break out. 

Brightener is ready to break out! Come to find out he played the first weekend at Coachella, well, it’s no surprise why. His music is what music lovers have been waiting for.

Let me take this even another step further and share with you the craziness I witnessed last night. Brightener is such a star and his music is so good, and the venue (which also serves food) was so busy, that people gladly stood in front of the stage to enjoy the band, while simultaneously holding a numbered sign so the servers could easily find them (SEE PHOTOS) and deliver the food they had ordered. It had to have been humiliating to stand there holding a number for the wings you ordered 30 minutes ago, yet for this band, the fans were willing to endure and suffer that shameless fate.
Brightener was so good, I couldn’t get back to my computer fast enough to start writing this blog post.

Support musicians all over the world! I bought a copy of each CD he was selling at the show. heck yes!

Camera: Sony RX1RII. Performance in these conditions, outstanding.

Who is Brightener?


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