Friday, May 30, 2014

Felix G On Assignment - South Korea Summer Pool Party

I've been asked to shoot photos at a fantastic event. How about a summer pool party in where else? South Korea! See you pool side!

For more information and tickets -

Thursday, May 29, 2014

First Shot - Sigma 28-80mm Macro

It's safe to say I was more than a little excited to find that my new Sigma 28-80mm Macro lens was waiting for me when I returned to Korea (I had been attending an army leadership school at Fort Sill, Oklahoma for the past 30 days or so).

My unit rolled out to the field for a few days which provided a few excellent opportunities to snap a few photos with the new lens. You can judge the results for yourself in the photos below. A few photos were shot in Macro and the rest are standard zoom.

I was hoping to use the Sigma as a second every day, walk around lens and it sure seems to fit the bill.

Needless to say, I'm quite please with my purchase.

Macro froggy. :)

Macro flower.

Monday, May 26, 2014

New Lens - Rokinon 8mm Aspherical Fisheye

I was feeling a little frisky today, so when I spotted this beautiful Rokinon 8mm 3.5 Aspherical fisheye lens on eBay for only $199, I didn't hesitate one second, I clicked "Buy  Now". I guess I wasn't the only one chomping at the bit, 9 others were viewing that lens the same time as me.

I've been looking at fisheye lenses for a while, I have one for my Sony video camera and while it's not a lens I'll use very often, it's definitely one I want to have in my bag for certain types of shots. Shots you can't get with any other lens. This sucker is wide too, at 8mm, wow, awesome range.

I just ordered it today, so I'll post some of my own sample pics when it arrives in a couple weeks.

I also just received my Sigma 28-80mm Macro lens today. I'll be looking to snap some samples with that as well.

I found these samples at


Friday, May 23, 2014

Turner Hunt Has The Eye!

My battle buddy and good friend Turner Hunt is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Cinematography, which comes as no surprise given his passion and enthusiasm for the art of photography and videography. He is seemingly gifted with perhaps the most important talent that is arguably the foundation for a successful career in the cinematic arts, "the eye".

He has an eye for what's interesting, beautiful and captures it with the expertise of a seasoned veteran. Below are just a few examples of his photography...


See more at

PS - I'll be back in Korea in a few days. I've been attending a school in Oklahoma for the last month. Look for more posts and photos from me soon.