Monday, June 8, 2015

"The Animals" Cebu, Philippines - Photo Gallery 2

"The Animals" is photo gallery 2 of 5 from my recent trip to Cebu, Philippines. The animals of Cebu are mostly a mangy lot, hungry, desperate and in survival mode. They are not cared for or valued as much as we care for and value our pets in the United States. They are seen, simply as animals, not pets. And their survival and comfort comes a distant second to that of the survival and comfort of the human inhabitants of Cebu.

From the dog that looks more like a pig than a dog, to the butterflies and cute little nocturnal tarsiers of Bohol, the stray cats and dogs of Lapu-Lapu and of course the roosters at the cock fights (stay tuned for a complete photo gallery) on Mactan Island, the animals of Cebu are distinguished and unique.

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