Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mr. Ant, Mr. Dragonfly, Mr. Frog and Ms. Flower

I knew spending time out in the field this week, North of Seoul, way North of Seoul, near the DMZ, would provide some opportunities for macro photography.There's never a shortage of bugs, gnats and assorted other creatures just waiting to crawl in your sleeping bag out there. I went well-prepared by including a nice macro lens in my camera bag; the Minolta 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. By all accounts a very fine macro lens, and you can see just why in the results below. Keep in mind, these are all hand held shots by an inexperienced macro photographer! Not too shaby.

I had gone out yesterday without a macro lens and managed to get a decent close up shot of a dragonfly, but today I wanted to see if I could top that. Fortunately for me, the wildlife seems to like me taking their photos. Hats off to Mr. Ant, Mr. Dragonfly (I wonder if he is the same one from yesterday?), Mr. Frog and Ms. Flower for posing so eloquently for my photos.

As captured by the Sony A77 with Minolta 100mm f/1.8 macro lens.

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