Friday, July 31, 2015

A Day at Seoul Dream Forest - Photo Gallery

My good buddy Turner, from and I are always itching to go shoot photos. One of the best things about street photography is that you can literally step outside your front door and start shoot. Or, like on this occasion, we headed to a destination that we thought would offer plenty of photographic opportunities. The Seoul Dream Forest out the outskirts of Seoul didn't disappoint. It's a picturesque park frequented by families who are looking for an inviting, scenic place to spend the day with the family. There are lakes, hiking trails, coffee shops, amphitheater and even a museum located on the ground of the park. 

Turner was itching to try out his newly acquired Yashica TLR camera, whilst I brought out the Sony A99 with a 50mm lens. Sure, I could have brought along any number of additional lenses, but sometimes when you have only a prime lens, you're forced to think more about your framing and composition and you might even end up capturing images from a different perspective that you might not otherwise have considered if you had the option of a zoom lens.

It was a great, fun day of photography, I hope you enjoy the photos!

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All images in this photo gallery shot with Sony A99 mounted with Minolta 50mm f1.4

Someone was out flying their drone at the park and guess what? No one tried to shoot it down.

Turner's Yashica MAT 124G - TLR camera

We always make new friends on the streets of Seoul

This cool guy!

This poor cat didn't want to come out of it's carrier. Who takes their cat to the park on a leash?

Feeding the pigeons.

View of Nowon-Gu from Seoul Dream Forest

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