Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Lens - Rokinon 14mm

I hope, I think, I believe I have finally found a suitable lens for wide angle photos for my full-frame Sony A99. I already have a few wide angle lenses but I haven't been totally happy with them and several of them are not compatible with the full-frame A99, such as with my Tokina 11-16mm which is for cropped sensor cameras like my A77. It will work with my A99 but only when I'm fully zoomed in at 16mm.

I also have a couple of nice Minolta lenses but they are at 20mm and 28mm respectively and while the Zeiss 24-70mm is a good all around lens that I've captured some nice landscapes with, I really want something just a little bit wider without breaking the bank.

I stumbled across a pretty good deal on eBay today for a used Rokinon 14mm lens. The seller had it listed for $279 USD (buy it now), I found it too difficult to resist and went ahead and bought it, my decision helped with the knowledge that brand new ones go for around $500 USD.

Here are a few photos of the actual lens. As always, I'll be sure to share some images as soon as I get it in my hands!

Rokinon 14mm wide angle lens


  1. Have this lens it's awesome, ultra ultra wide

  2. I just listed mine for sale on eBay. I upgraded to the AF Sony 16mm wide angle. I much prefer the AF as compared to the MF.