Monday, July 7, 2014

Another New Camera? Yes, I've Added the Sony A65

I am in full acquisition mode, having just purchased a Sony A37, Sony Zeiss 24-70mm most awesome lens in the world and now a Sony A65. But why? Simple, I wanted a camera that would take full advantage of the capabilities of my new lenses, at 24 megapixels and boasting the same exact sensor featured in the A77, the Sony A65 is up to the task. I really think that I'll have the A37 as my primary DSLR video camera and the A65 for photos, more than likely I'll be selling both of my A35's and picking up another A65. I like the A65 because the controls are nearly identical to the controls on the A35 and A37.

Watch the official video from Sony and you'll see why it was my choice for what will surely be my number one shooting camera.

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