Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Simple Beauty of Tacoma, Washington

Sunrise over the Port of Tacoma with the 11th Street Bridge and Mt. Rainier in the distance.

The Tacoma, Washington area was my home for nearly 5 years. However, my interest in photography had taken a back seat to my newly-started career in the military. As a result, I never got the chance to capture properly, the beauty of the area.

So when I took a one week vacation recently, to stay with friends in Tacoma, I made it a priority to capture at least a few worthwhile images. This wasn't a photography trip per se, so I didn't pack a full kit, nor did I want to. The trip was primarily to spend time with friends, I only brought along one camera and a scant few accessories.

I chose to bring the Sony RX1RII because of it's compact size, yet astounding full-frame 42 megapixel resolution. The limitations were limited only to the 35mm focal length of the fixed lens. However, after a week of shooting photos with only one focal length, I was pleased to find that I didn't feel it hindered me in so far as the type of photography I was shooting.

I hope you enjoy the resulting images and help support my art by making a small donation via Paypal. Thanks!

Driftwood along the shore at Dash Point State Park

Seashells lay on a piece of driftwood.

There are far more rainy, wet days in Washington than there are sunny days. However, I find there's plenty of beauty to be found in the wet, gloomy days.

Power Station on 21st Street in Tacoma, Washington

The changing colors during the first days of fall.

Latitude and longitude

A quirky display at a supermarket in Tacoma

The bridge on Hwy 509 crossing Foss Waterway into Downtown Tacoma

Port of Tacoma Railyards

Sunset at Titlow State Park

Downtown Tacoma

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Historic Stadium High School, Tacoma, Washington

A long seagull at Fireman's Park in Tacoma, Washington


  1. Nice work. We went 61 consecutive days without rain this summer, hope you had at least a few days of sun. As your pics point out, Washington is a beautiful place and we are so happy we decided to make it home.

  2. I'm a shit friend. I totally forgot to message you when I was there. Or is my recollection correct that you were out of town???