Monday, July 4, 2016

Women's Professional Tennis in El Paso

The game of tennis has a special place in my heart, having influenced much of the course of my life (I enjoyed a 12 year career as a tennis professional), I still have a special bond with it. So when I saw a freeway billboard advertising a women's professional tennis tournament here in El Paso, well, I knew immediately that I would have to go and photograph it.

I've still got my racquets, but haven't played any tennis in more than 3 years, I remedied this situation almost immediately by befriending the staff at the Tennis West Sports and Tennis Club in West El Paso. In addition to enjoying some wonderful tennis, I also got to spend a few hours hitting the ball myself. I still have the strokes, but lack timing and, I am terribly out of shape. But my love for the game is still there, and I hope to play on a regular basis again.

The event was a 25,000 dollar prize money, USTA Pro Circuit Tournament that brought out some extremely talented players.

Enjoy the photos!

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