Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Changing Colors of Mount Soyosan

Even though I've lived literally right next door for more than two years, this past Friday was my first visit to Mount Soyosan, South Korea. The summit overlooks my barracks room at Camp Casey and I've been meaning to visit since I first arrived. With my time running short I made it a point to make my first visit with a new photography friend, Brian Harris, a military veteran who was once stationed in Korea and now makes his home here with his beautiful wife Jumi.

Brian had mentioned (on Facebook) his desire to photograph some of the changing colors as fall has started to set in, so I sent him a friendly invite to Mount Soyosan.

According to the locals, we go a bit of a late start to make a complete ascent to the summit, nonetheless, we enjoy a vigorous hike and snapped a handful of nice photos...

Thanks for coming to visit Brian and Jumi and I'll see you again soon.

Photos shot with Sony A99 and Sony RX100 IV.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much water on the mountain. I plan on going back after a good rain.

Fall is coming!

I also shot with one of my 35mm film cameras. Olympus OM10. I had loaded it with black and white film before I knew I was going to Mount Soyosan. Ugh. Stay tuned for photos.

Brian Harris

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