Friday, April 3, 2015

Sony A7 Mark II - But didn't I just buy a new camera?

Yes, I recently purchased a fantastic Sony A6000, which has provided spectacular results over the last several weeks since I acquired it. So why would I buy a Sony A7 Mark II so soon after? Could I be crazy? It's highly possible. But it's more likely a case of logical eventuality.

I had plans to buy either a Sony A7S or A7 Mark II sometime in the next year, probably as a birthday gift to myself in September, but my logic, or warped sense of justification, spoke to me and asked "Why wait?". Exactly, why wait? the money is going to be spent anyway.

The E Mount lenses I have already purchased are full frame (cropped, APS-C on the A6000). These full frame lens selections were made with the eventuality heretofore mentioned. And the Sony A7 Mark II is a sensational camera, perhaps the best mirrorless camera available on the market today. It certainly stacks up as one of the best pound for pound cameras on the market. 

Welcome to the Felix G family Sony A7 Mark II.

Have a look for yourself...

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