Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 2015 - Photo Gallery

I've been enjoying a few days of leave by sleeping in and, when I'm able to find the motivation to get out of bed (why leave?) I have been spending time shooting some nice photos here and there. The last photo gallery I posted included pics from the Yeongheungdo Bridge. The area is so nice, I decided to pay a return visit. 

Included in this photo gallery are a few random images from other parts of South Korea that I have visited lately.

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Sunset in black and white. Taken from the Sihwa Sea Wall. Siheung, South Korea.

As the crow flies. The sun begins to set on the horizon at Daebudo Island, South Korea.

I was a passenger in a car, leaving the front gate at Camp Casey when I spotted this young boy proudly displaying an American flag as he made his across the crosswalk. I found the moment to be quite inspiring and patriotic.

Moon over Yeongheungdo Bay.

Damteo Valley.

What's traffic in your neighborhood like?

I'm always looking for depth and lines. This Apartment building near Uijongbu caught my eye.

Check the text. A women stops to check her phone, while others scramble down the stairs as they make their way to the subway station exit.

The Incheon area of South Korea is infamous for the dramatic difference in sea level that comes and goes with the tides. The tidal range is an average of 29ft! When the tide goes out it reveals amazing and interesting water channels that look like a dreamy series of arteries. This image was taken from about 100 ft. altitude with my DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus drone.

Yeongheungdo Bridge as seen from 240ft altitude. I also have some nice video footage that I will be including in Episode 10 of

Sunset at Ansan Lake Park

Fishing boats at anchor. Yeongheungdo, South Korea.

Seagull in flight.

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