Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Go to Songdo Park and Your Wildest Dreams Will Come True

I had been enjoying numerous photos of Songdo Park taken by a variety of Korea-based photographers and new quite well that what awaited me was something very special. But nothing could have prepared me for just how visually and architecturally amazing this place really was. It is simply breathtaking. I plan to go back pretty soon because although I was able to capture quite a number of nice photos, I didn't get as much as I wanted due to my lack of packing a warm jacket. The weather was still quite chilly, which I hadn't anticipated. It's fine, the grass was still dead and the flowers have yet to bloom. I think spring time will be the best time to go.

But Songdo Park was just the beginning. Incheon is a wonderful city, colorful and thriving with a number of photo-worthy attractions including Chinatown, Wolmido Island, Port of Incheon and Freedom Park just to name a few.

Cameras and lenses used:

Sony A99
14mm Rokinon
70-400mm Sony SAL G
24-70mm Zeiss

Sony A6000

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