Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Boracay Island - Day 2

Day two brought a trip to Diniwid Beach for sunset. I could tell I was in the right place to shoot nice sunset photos due to the abundance of DSLR cameras and their owners that I found staking out their spots. There was a wedding photo shoot taking place on this beach as well. Local fishermen were coming and going with their boats and local children played in the warm, clear waters. The weather is warm and humid but a constant light breeze provides a welcomed relief.

I treated myself to a one hour massage (there's no shortage of spas and massage) and to a fresh seafood lunch. First, you select your fresh seafood choice, the price is by weight and seafood type, lobster, shrimp and crab bring the highest prices, then tell your waiter how you'd like it prepared. It's not like ordering seafood at a restaurant back in the USA however, when you order fried snapper for example, you get the entire fish, from head to tail, fried, on your plate. So be prepared to cut off the head and tail yourself, and watch out for the bones!

Back to the massage situation... it's a classic case of supply and demand and the free market at work right here in Boracay. There are SO MANY spas and massages being offered that the prices are super low. You can get a one hour massage for some where between 250-600 Philippine Pesos, which equates to around 6-15 US Dollars. There are a few spas which are a little more upscale and you might pay a little more, but still, getting a massage here is the best deal going. I'm getting another one today!

Stay tuned for more...

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