Monday, April 24, 2017

Quite Possibly, The Best Maternity Photos You've Ever Seen.

Although it's an iconic and often used location for a variety of photography, White Sands National Monument always makes for a stunning background, and it never, ever gets old.

I never turn down photography requests from close friends, especially my Army battle buddies. So when my good friend Savannah was coming to town, and asked if I would take some maternity photos, I simply could not refuse. She and I were assigned to the same unit at Camp Casey, Korea and have become good friends since. She's due in two weeks! Needless to say, this would be our only chance to capture some maternity photos, we simply could not pass up this opportunity.

My primary camera is currently at the shop for a repair, but my back up camera easily steps right into the breach. The Sony RX1RII is one of the finest full-frame, high-resolution cameras in the world. Coming in at a whopping 42 megapixels, it captures the finest details. With a location like White Sands, and with someone as photogenic as Savannah, it makes for an excellent combination.

Shooting maternity photos is extremely difficult in that it's a challenge to capture flattering images of a pregnant woman. But with Savannah, it was a breeze. She's got such a nice smile and a warmth to her personality that really shines through in the pictures.

A big thank you to my make up artist Cynthia for another fabulous job, she was even kind enough to take the job at the last minute.

Enjoy the photos!

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