Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Traded the Fujifilm X20 for the Fujifilm X30, But why? Read and Find Out.

Picture above Fujifilm X30, Below Fujifilm X20.

I was originally, extremely excited when I received my Fujifilm X20 a couple months ago as it was the first digital camera that wasn't a Sony that I have purchased in a good number of years. I read good reviews about it and was impressed by some of the sample images. But once I got it in my hands and took it out for a few rounds of photos, I was less than pleased with the overall functionality and quirks.

The biggest problem I had with it  was the noticeable parallax error between the optical viewfinder and the captured image. So, for only 50 USD more I was able to trade up and get the Fujifilm X30 which features an outstanding Electronic View Finder in place of the optical one.

Another feature that I like about the Fujifilm X30 vs the X20 is that the X30 offers Classic Chrome as one of the film simulation options, the X20 does not. Yet the X30 maintains all of the features that I DID like in the X20 including a really impressive super macro mode that lets you focus as close as 1 cm from your subject! 

Another feature found in the X30 that the X20 does not have is the ability to shoot remotely using your smartphone as a controller. And finally it has a tiltable LCD screen.

I paid $302 USD for my used X20 and sold it for about the same. I paid only $350 USD for a minty, used X30. An excellent upgrade I think.

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